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Heartbreaker Nimmerdor Farn
Bacarole Silvano
Kinette van de Heffinck Pachat II Hadj A x
Dinette-F van de Heffinck Feinschnitt II v/d Richter
Winette van de Heffinck
  • Year of birth : 1996

  • Color : brown

  • Size : 1,69 m

  • Studbook : BWP

  • Mareline : BWP 13

  • Embryo of Verdi TN transferred and expected in the end of may 2019

Tsarina van de Heffinck is a mare resulting from the best maternal lineage of the BWP like the stallions Bentley van de Heffinck, which is the son of her own sister and Quel Homme van de Heffinck, dual champion of Germany with René Tebbel, which is her half-brother. Tsarina’s own sister is Aprilla which was ridden by Daniel Deusser in the 1.60 m events.
Souvenir van de Heffinck, another of Tsarina’s own sisters, also competed at the 1.50 m – 1.60 m level, ridden by Wilm Vermeir.
Tsarina herself also competed in 1.35 m events in the Netherlands before being used for breeding.


Calgary (ex. Fructus van de Heffinck) (2005) by Casall Ask : CSO 140

Hillary van de Heffinck (2007) by Clinton

Infernape van de Caatshoeve (2008) by Clinton : BWP-approved stallion  – CSI 160

Jus d’Or van de Caatshoeve (2009) by Contact van de Heffinck

Jamilla van de Heffinck (2009) by Contact van de Heffinck

Lanzarote de Muze (2011) by Clinton : AES-approved stallion – CSI 145

Milow van de Caatshoeve (2012) by Clinton

Kerosen d’Elifine Z (2015) by Kafka van de Heffinck

Valvoline d’Elifine Z (2017) by Vigo d’Arsouilles